Product Lab is the easiest and most reliable way to turn a Grasshopper script into an online 3D product configurator. The application is developed by New Branch Ltd and powered by ShapeDiver and WooCommerce.

Product Lab reduces the risk and the cost related to maintaining online stores for customizable products. With it, merchants can focus on building innovative products and growing their businesses, instead of building custom software. At the same time, their customers can personalize and experience products with a simple, beautiful and engaging 3D interface.

The most notable features of the application are

  • Interactive 3D viewer instead of 2D images
  • Unlimited product variants and customization options
  • Entirely custom price based on the selected product parameters
  • Automatic orders processing and sending of manufacture-ready CAD files directly to your production department
  • Easy to use admin, that allows you to configure the inputs for every model
  • Adaptable user interface that can fit every theme and design
  • Flawless user experience

No matter if you are a small start up or a large enterprise we can help you.

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Featured Products

Take your time and explore the following products. Each one of them demonstrates different functionality and use cases.

After that you can watch a video to see how easy it is to set up a product with our admin.